[Winner of the Silver Lion]
[Giardini Della Biennal] Venice, Italy
Immersive Installation

In the story that follows, we explore the local, transnational, and diasporic harmonies and tensions of a retrofuturist African ecofiction.

In the aftermath of the Pan African movement and African decolonization, imperialist infrastructures dedicated to economic exploitation and resource extraction were swiftly dismantled. Simultaneously, local environmental groups across the continent united to form the African Conservation Effort (ACE). Through the application of indigenous knowledge systems, ACE aimed to restore the damage inflicted by former colonial powers on Africa's diverse ecoregions.

One of ACE's remarkable achievements was the creation of the "All-Africa Protoport (AAP)," a network of low-impact, zero-emissions travel complexes strategically situated off the coasts of major ports worldwide. These Protoports became Africa's shining emblem due to their potential for fostering socio-economic and environmental collaboration and deepening diaspora solidarity. Initially, twelve AAP complexes were established in cities such as Lagos, Mombasa, New York, and Havana.

However, a recent development has caused a stir. In Zambia's Western Province, within the Barotse Floodplain, a new AAP complex has been completed. Embedded controversially in this ecologically sensitive region, the complex utilizes an integrated network of tidal, solar, and algal energy production. This innovative approach aims to enhance food security, preserve biodiversity, and sustain the region's unique ecosystem while facilitating the operation of the five proprietary AAP travel systems.

The establishment of this new AAP complex signifies Africa's commitment to sustainable practices, renewable energy, and responsible travel, furthering the continent's position as a leader in environmental conservation and technological advancement.

Photographs by Brian Wancho






1X72 / 13:30 total runtime