“The Future as Disruption ” - The Kitchen - NY, NY 2008
“The Last Newspaper” - The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY, NY 2010

Adverspeak + PPPP was exhibited as part of "The Future As Disruption" show at The Kitchen as well as published in the New City Reader, Issue #07 as part of the "Last Newspaper" exhibition for the New Museum:

In constructing the world of ADVRSPK and the Public Private Partnership Program, we are attempting to explore some contemporary trends and magnify them into the future. Among these trends are the blurring of the lines between public and private, a societal obsession with quantification and measurement, an abiding faith in technology which enables the perception of technological sophistication to confer validity, and the trend towards the commoditization of all areas of life. The political structure of our future world is provided by the Public Private Partnership Program, an ever growing, borderless political entity, which thrives and expands based on its ability to issue legal tender. The economic and social framework is provided by ADVRSPK, a language owned and developed by the PPPP, which pays participants to substitute brand names for nouns, adjectives and verbs, during everyday conversation. The result is a world of linguistic segregation, total surveillance, and complete commoditization of even the most basic human interactions.

This work is a collaboration with writer Matty Vaz who developed the concept and wrote all narratives.