Columbus, IN [Exhibit Columbus: New Middles]  [2021]
Wood, Metal, Alucobond, AR Image Markers [Budget 75k]
Archival/Revival revisits transformative events held at the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, which opened in December 1969. An inaugural African Art exhibit opened in January 1970 and was a part of “Africa and Black and White America”, a two-month long program developed by the Human Relations Commission. The same year, the commission organized the “Columbus Black Arts Festival”. All but one event was held at the library.

Archival/Revival features sculptural and virtual elements representing key figures revived from the Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives. Visitors can explore historical documents and artworks and consider their relation to present and future realities.

Image © Hadley Fruits/Courtesy of Exhibit Columbus

Image © Okunola Jeyifous