Dedicated to Lucille Clifton
Just Buffalo Literary Center: Buffalo, NY [2022]
Welded steel, polychromatic paint coating
Each facet of the sculpture has been carefully considered to echo the poetry of Lucille Clifton while also inviting Reading Park visitors to engage with the work. Finished in a Light Interference Coating, this iridescent surface allows visitors to see themselves reflected in the piece. The typewriter opening into beams of light depicts the spirit of inspiration and connects most concretely to the downtown Central Library’s Reading Park itself—a place to celebrate the written word & to inspire people of all ages & walks-of-life.

Rather than having a favorite color, Lucille Clifton found delight in the Abalone shell’s iridescent charm. The prismatic finish also echoes the ephemeral theme of her poem "The Lesson of the Fallen Leaves." which served as a source of inspiration for my design.

Photographs by Pat Cray

Photographs by Pat Cray