Los Angeles, CA [UCLA Medical Center: Olive View Care Village] [2021]
1/8” Aluminum Panels [Budget 153k]
The artwork for this project is inspired by the rolling landforms of the Wilson Canyon terrain, which provides the backdrop for the facility, as well as the proposed planting schedule, including nearby flora and fauna, that populate the local environs.

My interest in the immediate landscape and vegetation as a source of inspiration lies in the proven connections between nature and natural imagery, holistic health and well-being, and the efficacy of restorative spaces and pastoral landscapes to facilitate and encourage tranquility, inspiration and mental wellness. In addition, an artwork that is at once familiar yet rendered in playfully abstracted organic forms, offers the opportunity for discovery and delight.

With preserving the objectives of this project, I have selected a color palette that is playful and vibrant without being harsh and distracting, and tranquil and meditative without being subdued or monotonous. The result is an artwork at once welcoming, reassuring, and uplifting.

Photographs by Charles White