Indio, CA [Coachelle Valley Music and Arts Festival] [2017]
50’x35’x35’, Marine Plywood, Steel [Budget 550k]
In “Crown Ether,” a community on columns rises towards the sky, exploring the relationship of the terrestrial to the sublime. The title belies an interest in both the symbolic and the scientific, referring to the cyclic compound molecules that cluster in the form of a ring. These sculptures, too, crowning trunk-like pillars, gather towards each other in a circle, like a coming together of people around the music and the arts.

This 50ft installation for Coachella, a visual pun on a tree-house, creates an unattainable ring of buildings “buoyed above the landscape” but also its plinth and shadow, spaces where, since time immemorial, story-tellers, prophets, disciples, and common-folk have gathered to rest and exchange oral histories.