Durham, NC [SmArt Vision Plan] [2018]
Architectural Mesh Banners [Budget 220k]
This large banner wrap was created as part of downtown Durham, NC and its SmArt Vision Plan.
The design serves to illuminate history, change, and community through abstract, non-hierarchical snapshots of the past, the present, and future of this area of the city. In this way the artwork, while being visually compelling and having a clear intent, also allows for reflection and speculation by both long-time residents and visitors alike.

In addition, the panoramic image depicts a distillation of the architecture of the 3 distinct districts of downtown Durham and a number of historical references to industry, community, and the city’s rich cultural heritage:
1] A hand holding a lantern reflects Civil Rights Leaders like Louis Austin and Pauli Murray who were a beacon in uncertain times guiding our country towards equality and justice for all.

2] The façade of the historic Mechanics & Farmers Bank Building was an icon of Black Wall Street and a source for enterprise and self-reliance.

3] The unique pattern of the Fitzgerald Brick references the growth and expansion of the city of Durham, building historical legacy, and even relates to Pauli Murray the grandniece of Richard Fitzgerald. This pattern was found on a handful of bricks outside of the recently restored Pauli Murray house.

4] The Bull-City hand sign was a suggestion from the students in the Nasher Art Program as a way to speak directly to the younger generation and reference the bull without including the ubiquitous “bull” iconography.

5] The Vévé spire atop the Historic Hayti Heritage Center [St.Joseph's AME, 1911] is a voodoo symbol of Erzulie, the lwa of love. This reflects the city’s historic African American community and is a symbol of perseverance and unity.