[ Museum of Modern Art: 3rd Floor Galleries, 2021]
3-Channel Video Installation - 8 digital collages - 3 sculptural maquettes - Kiosk installation

“[TFN] The Frozen Neighborhoods”

In an attempt to protect the environment and decelerate the impact of global climate change the Federal Government passed a series of legislations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensive consumption. The most severe was the establishment of a system of “Mobility Credits” wherein each person was afforded a finite amount of movement at the city, state, and national levels. This followed the logic that mobility (car travel, air travel and even mass transit) irreparably harms the environment. The law also provided that the credits would be transferable and sale-able. Very quickly an economy of trade in “Mobility Credits” emerged where the rich, who wish to maintain a discursive lifestyle, look to buy “Mobility Credits” and the poor, in need of a livable wage, became the sellers and to a certain extent, controllers of the trade market.

In summary, a system of personal mobility allowance created to reduce pollution was quickly corrupted by the American principles of capitalism resulting in “new” inequalities mapped along racial and ethnic lines. This project explores how this reality plays out in a network of communities within Brooklyn, NY called “The Frozen Neighborhoods” (TFN) and posits sustainable and advanced ecological technologies including rainwater harvesting, biofuel energy, freshwater marshes and idyllic gardens.


“Dock XX: 24hr Gateway Kiosk”, 2021
67”x32”x18” Metal, Wood, LED, Monitor
“AgriGuild Dispersal Samara”, 2021
34”x16”x12” Wood
“This Shall Be Food For You”, 2021
46”x16”x16” Wood, Metal
“24hr Bodega Barge”, 2021
36”x16”x12” Wood, Plastic

TFN Sonic Tour