Northside Gateway: Spartanburg, SC [2022]
Welded Steel, ipe wood, etched and stained concrete

In conceiving of a formal concept, I began with one of the simplest shapes, a circle, which represents cycles, but also connectivity, gathering, and a communal network: “family circle, circle of friends, a close circle of people, circle of trust.” I imagined these as four overlapping circles that represent not only the four collaborating organizations but also four community categories of:

• Education / Recreation
• Employment / Job Training
• Affordable Housing / Homeownership
• Environment / Natural Ecology / Food access

The artwork, intended to activate and enhance the cultural connectivity and economic vitality of the Northside, inspires healthy lifestyles via walkability in the neighborhood by engaging with the history, natural beauty, and cultural identity of the community.

This is one of those truly rewarding, “why I do this” type of public art projects where I was able to engage and work closely with an immensely supportive and welcoming group of dedicated and deeply committed community members.