[Awaiting Professional Photos]
NY, NY [From A Place Of A Place] [2021]
Wood, PPG Paint, Pipe Railing [Budget 40k]
There is plenty in the way of discourse, particularly in the field of architecture, around the quotidian nature of Black spatial practices and how we convene, gather, mobilize, and engage in community, when and wherever we can. Our history, present, and future is marked by this sense of adaptation, resilience and resourcefulness that is inherent to our unique and evolving realities.This public artwork celebrates the adaption, resilience, and resourcefulness of Black spatial practices through a whimsical two-part installation, adorned with colorful geometric patterns inspired by African and African-American textile traditions and quilt-making practices. Additionally, the artwork references the types of spaces where we might gather and ultimately transform (stoop, stairwell, fire escape) while alluding to the ambiguity of coming and going, leaving and returning.